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US-2005084127-A1: Audio loudspeaker enclosure patent, US-2005104471-A1: Rotating electrical apparatus patent, US-2005142105-A1: Chimeric molecule for the treatment of th2-like cytokine mediated disorders patent, US-2005197879-A1: System and method for program management patent, US-2005255984-A1: Zinc oxide-alumina-silica-based crystallized glass patent, US-2005272485-A1: Entertainment transmitting portable wireless headset unit patent, US-2006067673-A1: Projector device, and photographing method and program of projected image patent, US-2007061801-A1: File system builder and method for building file system patent, US-2007278509-A1: Group III Nitride Semiconductor Light-Emitting Device and Method of Producing the Same patent, US-2007279223-A1: Anti-theft system and container safeguarded by the same patent, US-2008099897-A1: Bondwire utilized for coulomb counting and safety circuits patent, US-2008154010-A1: Anodic electrodeposition coating composition patent, US-2008166862-A1: Method and system for creating self-aligned twin wells with co-planar surfaces in a semiconductor device patent, US-2008171236-A1: Fuel battery patent, US-2008259207-A1: Motion Compensated De-Interlacing with Film Mode Adaptation patent, US-2008284046-A1: Flip chip mounting method and bump forming method patent, US-2009038131-A1: Method for manufacturing quartz crystal resonator, quartz crystal unit and quartz crystal oscillator patent, US-2009101091-A1: Variable valve lift transition control methods and systems patent, US-2009121089-A1: Industrial robot having electric cable connecting movable body and fixed body thereof patent, US-2009200627-A1: Image sensor with high conversion efficiency patent, US-2009281710-A1: Method and device for operating an internal combustion engine patent, US-2010015164-A1: Compositions and Methods for Modulating Osteoblast Cell Differentiation and Bone Generation Through HIF-1a patent, US-2010016213-A1: Use of a diterpenoid compound for treating diabetes patent, US-2004006170-A1: Compositions comprising elastomers and high-molecular-weight polyethylenes with irregular particle shape, process for their preparation, and their use patent, US-2004040702-A1: Temporary abandonment cap patent, US-2004067459-A1: Silver halide photographic emulsion patent, US-2004151690-A1: Block copolymer reduced in impurity content, polymeric carrier, pharmaceutical preparations in polymeric form and process for the preparation of the same patent, US-2004184366-A1: Optical head device patent, US-2005056937-A1: Connection device and method of forming a connection device patent, US-2006099507-A1: Negative electrode for lithium ion secondary battery, production method thereof and lithium ion secondary battery comprising the same patent, US-2006100976-A1: Method for searching image files patent, US-2006103772-A1: Flat panel display device and fabrication method thereof patent, US-5676649-A: Phacoemulsification cutting tip patent, US-2006145118-A1: Sintered magnet and method for production thereof patent, US-2006152704-A1: Remote center range finder patent, US-2006218139-A1: Document management apparatus and method patent, US-2006228966-A1: Chemical vapor deposition of antimicrobial polymer coatings patent, US-2006258917-A1: Apparatus and Method of Use for Non-Invasive Analyte Measurement patent, US-2006275958-A1: Fabricating nanoscale and atomic scale devices patent, US-2007030178-A1: Image compression and decompression patent, US-2007032229-A1: Systems, devices and methods for providing a reward based upon use of a mobile communications device patent, US-2007059254-A1: Compositions for delivering 5-ht agonists across the oral mucosa and methods of use thereof patent, US-2007178280-A1: Method of pattern coating patent, US-2008122711-A1: Antenna device patent, US-2008162544-A1: Systems and methods for implementing many object to object relationships in a multi-tenant environment patent, US-2009006443-A1: Method and system for processing 1:n relationships between data object nodes patent, US-2009038261-A1: Fire door and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-2009083227-A1: Retrieving apparatus, retrieving method, and computer program product patent, US-2009243637-A1: Measuring apparatus having nanotube probe patent, US-2010062154-A1: Method for preparing core/shell structure nanoparticles patent, US-2010071095-A1: Method for Generating Plant Diversity By Incorporation of Microsatellite Sequences Into the Plant Genome patent, US-2010105182-A1: Shallow source MOSFET patent, US-2010147641-A1: Cooling system with a drive motor and a hydrodynamic machine patent, US-2004023977-A1: Process for making substituted thiazolyl-amino pyrimidinyl patent, US-2004034237-A1: Materials and methods for the treatment of hypertension and angina patent, US-2004079099-A1: Vehicle air conditioning system having non-contact temperature sensors patent, US-2004079938-A1: Low-dimensional plasmon light emitting device patent, US-2005016459-A1: Method of depositing coating by plasma; device for implementing the method and coating obtained by said method patent, US-2005033278-A1: Fluid assisted medical devices, fluid delivery systems and controllers for such devices, and methods patent, US-2005050118-A1: Method and system of managing files in intelligent network attached storage patent, US-2005175145-A1: Masks of semiconductor devices and methods of forming patterns thereof patent, US-2006109357-A1: Solid-state image pickup apparatus with high- and low-sensitivity photosensitive cells, and an image shooting method using the same patent, US-2006197650-A1: Passive transmitter patent, US-2006233366-A1: Encryption system, encryption device and decryption device patent, US-2006233566-A1: Image forming apparatus patent, US-2006246268-A1: Printed circuit board patent, US-2006253891-A1: Multi-channel wireless digital video monitoring system patent, US-2007074843-A1: Method and apparatus for pouring several moulds in a mould-string plant in one pouring operation patent, US-2007158044-A1: Method and plant for producing a fibrous web patent, US-2007160013-A1: Multistage despreading of spread spectrum communications signals patent, US-2008007868-A1: Magnetic recording medium and magnetic storage apparatus patent, US-2008243308-A1: Method and Apparatus for Using an Optical Mouse Scanning Assembly in Mobile Robot Applications patent, US-2008274066-A1: Compositions, Methods, Devices, and Kits for Maintaining or Enhancing Tooth Whitening patent, US-2009042805-A1: Peptides Useful As Dual Caspase-2/-6 Inhibitors And Their Biological Applications patent, US-2009173532-A1: Wiring board having a non-through hole with a vent hole patent, US-2009204880-A1: Method of story telling presentation and manufacturing multimedia file using computer, and computer input device and computer system for the same patent, US-2009221218-A1: Tool for machining composite material parts patent, US-2004040754-A1: Data receiving device for use in an impulse-based data transmission system patent, US-2004046882-A1: Electric camera patent, US-2004104850-A1: Multiple band antenna patent, US-2004150855-A1: Image processing apparatus and method patent, US-2004235491-A1: Method and an apparatus for reducing signalling traffic in a telecommunication system patent, US-2005036478-A1: Industrial wireless network with message authentication patent, US-2005157618-A1: Wobble signal reproducing device and method patent, US-2005215435-A1: Phenylalanine derivatives as herbicides patent, US-2005226197-A1: Mobility management in wireless internet protocol networks patent, US-2006144515-A1: Method for releasing adhered article patent, US-2006181779-A1: Optical articles and sol-gel for their manufacture patent, US-2006196254-A1: In situ sampling and monitoring a fluid patent, US-2006204677-A1: Liquid-crystalline medium patent, US-2006221488-A1: Multi-disk simultaneous servo writing device patent, US-2006256534-A1: Extended computing system patent, US-2007089248-A1: Cosmetic formulations comprising diketo-pyrrolo pyrrole pigments patent, US-2007151416-A1: Thermal interface material and semiconductor device incorporating the same patent, US-2007171907-A1: Message-based communications patent, US-2007182730-A1: Stereoscopic image display apparatus and program patent, US-2007208467-A1: Hybrid vehicle powertrain control method and apparatus patent, US-2007214141-A1: Systems and methods for generating a social timeline patent, US-2007269899-A1: Method and apparatus for analyzing compounds with amino group patent, US-2008003715-A1: Tapered die-side bumps patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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